Community-driven generation of 3D and augmented web content for archaeology

Panagiotis D Ritsos1, Andrew T Wilson1, Helen C Miles2, Lee F Williams1, Bernard Tiddeman2, Frédéric Labrosse2, Seren Griffiths3, Ben Edwards3, Katharina Möller1, Raimund Karl1, Jonathan C Roberts1

1 Bangor University
2 Aberystwyth University
3 Manchester Metropolitan University


Heritage sites (such as prehistoric burial cairns and standing stones) are prolific in Europe; although there is a wish to scan each of these sites, it would be time-consuming to achieve. Citizen science approaches enable us to involve the public to perform a metric survey by capturing images. In this paper, discussing work-in progress, we present our automatic process that takes the user’s uploaded photographs, converts them into 3D models and displays them in two presentation platforms – in a web gallery application, using X3D/X3DOM, and in mobile augmented reality, using awe.js.

Panagiotis D Ritsos, Andrew T Wilson, Helen C Miles, Lee F Williams, Bernard Tiddeman, Frédéric Labrosse, Seren Griffiths, Ben Edwards, Katharina Möller, Raimund Karl, Jonathan C Roberts. “Community-driven generation of 3D and augmented web content for archaeology,” Eurographics Workshop on Graphics and Cultural Heritage, 2014.

[DOI: 10.2312/gch.20141321]